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We want the best for our animals, so vacations and working late can be more stressful for owners than for their pets. More than just another gadget, a suitable auto-feeder is a life-changing tool that frees you from worry about your pet’s meals.

Of course, poor automation is worse than none, so you want to make sure your chosen feeder is reliable before trusting it with your fur babies. Some models are genuinely convenient innovations, but you must do research to find the best automatic dog feeder. In this article we’ll review some popular models and explain how to look for the best solution for your home.

Model Pet Size Food types Max meals/day Min portion size Dispenser Capacity
PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Cats to medium-sized dog Dry and semi-moist foods 12 1/8 cup Anti-jam conveyor system 24 cups
Arf Pets Automatic Feeder Cats and small dogs Dry food only 4 1/8 cup Rotating rubber paddles 22.4 cups
WOpet 7L Automatic Pet Feeder Cats to medium-sized dog Dry food only 4 2 teaspoons Plastic food rotator 20 cups
WESTLINK 6L Automatic Pet Feeder Cats to medium-sized dog Dry food only 4 2 teaspoons Rotating auger 25 cups
SureFeed Microchip Pet Cats or smaller dogs Any type 4 Any amount (max 2.5 cups) Automated lid opens N/A
Petutor Automatic Pet Feeder Cats and small dogs Dry food only 4 ¼ cup Impeller to sloped gravity feed 25 cups
New Automatic Pet Feeder Cats to large-sized dogs Dry food only 4 ¼ cup Gravity fed 45 cups

PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed—Most Versatile Automatic Feeder

This auto-feeder is highly customizable, with a digital timer that sets up to 12 daily feedings of different portions and scheduled times. This model can handle both dry and semi-moist food, a useful feature if your animals have special dietary needs. The unique conveyor system reduces jamming and keeps the food securely out of reach.

The unit is self-contained and attractive, with an unattached stainless steel bowl that can be easily removed and washed for maximum hygiene. Feeding is done quietly: the loudest sound it makes is when dry food hits the bowl. ‘

The large food reservoir has a locking lid to prevent intruding paws. Just be aware there isn’t an alarm system for when the hopper is empty.

This model is best suited for cats or smaller dogs: larger-sized dog kibble can jam the belt, and the moderately-sized unit can be tipped easily when not filled. It is excellent for multiple animals, as the settings include a “slow feed” option that keeps an aggressive eater at the same pace as the others. Separate units can be synced for this purpose, and an optional split-feeder can be purchased to channel the food into two bowls.

The unique features of the PetSafe Feeder do come with a cost. Setting up the highly customizable feeding schedule can be confusing. Also, the settings must be re-entered every time the unit loses power; which, unless you purchase the “optional” power adapter, will happen every time you change batteries.

This model is recommended if your animals have a complicated dietary regimen to follow, or have additional pets that need to be fed separately. Though it can get expensive quickly, this unit can be a good choice if you’re willing to face the programming learning-curve (it’s not that bad) and remember to keep the hopper filled.

• Up to 12 individualized feedings a day
• Sizeable food reservoir
• “Slow Feed” setting for better digestion
• Can dispense either dry or semi-moist food

• Big dog kibble can jam the conveyor
• Programming timer setup is rather complex and time-consuming
• Power cord must be bought separately
• Subject to tipping by medium-sized or larger animals

Arf Pets Automatic Feeder for Dogs & Cats—Most Convenient Small Pet Feeder

This is a highly-rated auto-feeder for smaller pets. The unit is capable of up to 4 daily feedings of individualized portions: perfect for special dietary needs. The setup is simple and its backup battery system keeps your animals fed even in the event of power loss. The clean, upright modern design includes an attractive blue LCD Clock & Display, and latches securely against furry thieves.

The Arf Feeder performs well with small-sized kibble, but is subject to jamming with big dog-sized kernels. The portion sizes are reliable and accurately timed. There is a voice recorder so you can make a meal-time message to your pets too. The audio playback volume is low: but it plays 3 times every meal, so maybe that’s for the best.

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